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Mission Statement

Sep 22 2011: We designed this site to help raise funds to help the victims of "Autism" in Mexico.

Your support to the Alexander Backman Show® will allow us to improve children's lives in Mexico who are now suffering and cannot afford to buy the dietary supplements they desperately need.

As it has been proven, Mercury and Aluminum in inoculations or vaccines that are administered to babies and children by the Pharmaceutical companies known as BIG PHARMA are the real culprits of irresponsible human experimentation against the citizenry at large. As a result, our future generations are being inhibited from leading a normal, long, healthy and happy life by being intoxicated with these heavy metals contained in the vaccines among other harmful substances.

But now there is hope! These products, although not approved by the FDA, are made by Maxam Labs® and helped us bring our son Mario Enrique back to life.

We now offer these amazing Dietary Supplements via our sister site NOAUTISMO.COM for families who have members affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Mexico. For many the products are expensive and that is why we kindly ask to donate any amount after you download any or all the AB show on this site. 

May Yahshua Ha Mashiach Bless you Always!

In His Army!

Alexander Backman



"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper who love thee" (Ps 122:6)
"Even so, come quickly LORD" (Rev 22:20).


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