The National Identity Card includes Complete Biometrics of all school children and adults by 2012.

Original Headline: ‘Surprise regulations for the new identity card’

Councilors and legislators involved in the matter were unaware of the terms of the presidential decree published today in the Official Journal of the Federation (the official paper where laws are made public), despite the refusal from congressmen, the IFE (Federal Election Institute, CNDH (Nation Human Rights Commission) and the IFAI (the Mexican equivalent to the FOIA).

By Fabiola Martinez
from La Jornada Newspaper

Published: 19/01/2011

Translated and commented by Alexander Backman for Conciencia Radio (CR) on 01-20-2010
Comments by Alexander Backman are [in brackets]

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1Mexico City. Through a decree signed by President Felipe Calderon and nine members of his cabinet, the federal government regulated the issuance of a Personal Identity Card for the entire population, i.e. not only for children but for adults too.

Read the Decree in Spanish here.
English non-human translation here.

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[Hasty decisions? Meaning Calderon is stepping over the line and trampling on the rights of the people and their freedom.  Last week it was announced that there is a plan to database all children in the Mexican school system by fingerprinting the ten fingers and iris scanning.

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This clearly demonstrates that the New World Order policy ‘a la Orwell’ is now a reality that eerily is taking form with a strange urgency on behalf of the ‘little man and Dictator’ in power, President Felipe Calderon, better known now as ‘Fecazi’. Why the urgency? Is it because the president and his NWO intent is slowly but surely coming to an end in 2012? Is it because he is receiving orders directly from his handlers within the World Elite to implement such fascist policies? Is it because something is going down behind the scenes that the people aren’t being told about? Absolutley!]\

Despite the request from bodies like the Congress, the IFE, the CNDH and the IFAI to not make hasty decisions in this process, the decree states concerning the registration of fingerprints, iris image scanning and signature of the citizens, the recollection of which will be according to the terms stipulated by the Ministry of Interior (The Secretaria de Gobernacion).

[In other words, We, the People, were never consulted on such extreme form of social control. It is invasive, dictatorial, totalitarian and techno-feudalistic in nature. This happened in 2009, when a mandatory  cell phone user registration and fingerprinting law was passed by Congress giving an ultimatum to the mobile users that by April 10th 2010, they would have to Mexico go through this registration process or their cell phone service would be cut off. In spite of the intense media campaign and extreme measures by the fascist-corporate business elite and Calderon’s totalitarian regime, many citizens did not participate and the ‘tug of war’ ended by the cell phone’s not willing to risk the loss of their customers and only the ignorant, peasant, mind-controlled citizens who participated through the terror-controlling media where the losers. They were databased. This electronic databasing of mobile users was most-certainly ordered by the Illuminati, via the NSA so they could correlate, monitor, record and track all mobile phone calls in Mexico through the new Office of Binational Intelligence in the heart of Mexico City which operates under the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security. Its purpose, to track all communications in Mexico in the ‘supposed War on Drugs and Terror’.]

[I just learned from my wife today after going to our son’s school to pick up his report card. She as well as the other parents were briefed on the procedure of the new federal databasing of children with biometrics that started today. The teacher mentioned that it is a ‘voluntary process’ but… ‘that those that do not want their children to be databased will have to go through a special screening process where, in private after they are summoned, ‘they will have to personally explain’ to the Mexican Federal Government officials ‘the valid and specific reasons’ why they, the parents, do not want their daughter or son biometrically scanned, databased and processed. Our 3 reasons are simple, FASCISM! FASCISM! FASCISM!]

It is hoped that during the next five years that these citizens will be registered and their Citizen Identity Card (CIC) be issued when they turn 18 years of age. The changes and additions to the Regulations of the General Population Act come into force this Thursday [Jan-20-2011].

[So, here is the reason? That they want to preprocess children in order to make it an easier process so when they turn 18 they can be reregistered for the CIC Beast Card? How logical is that? The truth is that there is a sinister plot against us by the Illuminati-controlled puppets that have sequestered our very lives in Mexico. Criminal minds that control our wealth, our resources and our institutions and do as the please while corrupt congressmen complicity approve this insane, ‘Hitlerian’ anti-human regulations. Janet Napo’lesbiano’ and Hitlary must be very happy with this one.
But it’s voluntary you see? But if you don’t want it then you must explain why you are not conforming and you will be sent to room 101 like in 1984 which by the way, is Felipe Calderon’s favorite book as he publically stated when coming back from the London G20 meeting in 2009. The Queen ElizardBeth II gave him a special edition of this book a a memento to his stay in the palace. How nice!]


1Consejeros y legisladores, involucrados en este tema, desconocían hasta esta tarde los términos y alcances de este decreto publicado hoy en el Diario Oficial de la Federación. Councilors and legislators involved in the issue were unaware until this afternoon as to the terms and scope of the decree published today in the Official Journal of the Federation. "We are analyzing the document and according to preliminary data this seems to be an act of war from the Executive who clearly has earned the sense of being authoritarian," said Rep. Canek Vázquez, chairman of the panel that examines the issue of the identity card.

[In your face people! They did not know of this decree. Yeah sure! So, here they are accepting that Fecazi is an act of war on the people. The term ‘albazo’ in Spanish refers to just that as staed by Congressman Vázquez. (Follow link http://es.thefreedictionary.com/albazo). And yes, Vazquez finally says that Calderon is a Dictator of a Fascist State. A mini Franco, a mini Hitler, a psychopath that has to be removed from power by the good elements within our Armed Forces that believe in the Constitution and are willing to do the right thing.]

Among the amendments and additions include changes to Article 47, paragraph I, so that the card contains photographs, fingerprints, iris imaging and citizen’s signature of the city, it also specifies that the registration of these data will be in accordance with the mechanisms that by the Ministry of Interior determines.

[So, you see? It is in accordance to what Big Brother wants, decrees and determines. The Ministry of the Interior… sounds so much like Goebbels in Hitler’s time, doesn’t it? Scanning, databasing, concentrating, selecting the few, culling the rest.
Mind you that Calderon stated before coming into power that he was going to do this but the ‘unwoken sheeple’ of a people that live in Mexico are totally ignorant with the NOW, the Illuminati and the Antichrist Conspiracies that they believe that Dan brown and JJ Benitez are both true instead of fiction. It’s all about State and Corporate Mind Control and dumbing down the sheeple via the media, GMOs, MSG, chemtrails, vaccines etc.
Sadly, it sinks in when seeing how fast all this is playing out and how the few who are awake and understand the depth and scope of this are ready to take it to the next stage, but the rest do not follow and shamefully curdle into their little peasant beds doing what they are ordered by ‘Papa Gobierno’.]

 Transients in this decree specify that “during the 5 years following its entry into force, the National Population Registry (RENAPO) can register Mexicans who are 18 years of age and have their Citizen Identity Card issued.”
Mind you that next Monday, January 24th 2011, the RENAPO starts the process and procedure for the issuance of the cards to children between ages 4 and 17 living in one of the six states selected for this first stage (Baja California, Colima, Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Nuevo León).
‘Gobernación’, a loose term referring to the Secretaria de Gobernacion or Ministry of the Interior, vis a vis, the Department of State, announced that the expedition of minors will be completed by the end of 2012.

[How lucky of our children to be marked in one of the first 6 states. Just remember! We are never, ever, ever going to let the regime scan us, steal our private property which includes our mind, our thought, our eyes, our hands, our bodies and be registered like cattle or criminals for a very well planned L.U.C.I.D. system.]




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