Nuclear Terrorist Attack Embedded Code for Los Angeles, and New York Found

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Hollywood movie holds the key. Scenes indicate objective is a Nuclear Power Plant. Hidden Codes suggest an embedded message to detonate a nuclear device in a US Metropolitan City in as little as two weeks.

UPDATE> MARCH 01 2012> People are asking how sure I am that this relates to LA. Well, the Matrix Reloaded Freeway seen takes place on Freeway 101. This number is mentioned extensivley in all the Illuminati-controlled movies from way back when and is a MK BlackOps trigger. Matrix Reloaded also shows the 101 repetively. So what does 101 refer to? It is a holographic binary DNA triggering mechanism. Two towers and in between is the circle. Joachim and Boaz and the circle is the Portal or Stargate.

CRN®-FEB-27-2012— It’s been a while since I watched the MATRIX trilogy by the Wachowski brothers. Well, as a code breaker myself and a student of Counter Terrorism (CT) for years, I have discovered yet more hidden codes and suggestive messages that were intentionally embedded in these movies by design and with a clear purpose, and not necessarily by the writers themselves. They are much more complex as you shall see.

I am posting this excerpt of the Matrix Reloaded movie to illustrate what I present in this special report. Matrix Reloaded and all Matrix Movies are the sole property of and are Copyrighted© by Warner Bros. I do this with no intention to violate their intellectual property of the fimlography in question. I do so under the following Fair Use Notice* posted at the bottom of this page.

Please watch how the movie starts. First it is a spiral galaxy. Then a countdown to 00:00 HOURS, 04, 03, 02 01, 00. It is a wheel within a wheel, like gears and cogs spinning inside a mechanism. This mechanism is of a clock. This clock is about to strike 12. As you shall see, this ties in with this year being 2012 and clocks and measurements for the End of Time as we now it and an event that triggers it all.


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NOTE: CRN® decided to post the excerpt of the video in question in order to submit it as evidence to support the theory herein presented.


All Images from Matrix Reloaded. Warner Bros. Used under Fair Use Notice*

As it is mentioned in the Matrix Reloaded movie, while NEO ANDERSON (New Son of Man), played by Keanu Reeves, walks into the SOURCE and is given an unforgettable lecture into what the anomalies are with relation to our mundane existence by THE ARCHITECT, a clear reference to Masonry as a representation of Lucifer or The Great Architect of the Universe, the anomaly is CHOICE, PURPOSE and HOPE. It is with that in mind that I felt not only compelled but supernaturally led to publish this warning to all those who care to read it.

What really got me was not the dialog I just referred to but the fact that for THE RESISTANCE to be successful in getting NEO to meet with the Architect, a special mission is required. This mission is in what seems to be Los Angeles or possibly New York and it consists of attacking and toppling the defenses of the core of the Matrix itself. As we now from the first movie, The Matrix is a Euphemism for the Government itself. The defenses of the Matrix are based on energy; just as Morpheus refers to it as “electricity” (ELECT+TRI+CITY) and what holds the Matrix or Artificial System of Social Control together is energy, human energy. He clearly exposes the weakness of the system and the Key maker suggests taking it out by blowing up a Nuclear Power Plant in a surgical strike to get to the source.


Making a long story short (which it won’t), Niobe is chosen to carry out the mission of blowing up the Nuclear Energy Plant,  and here is where this gets interesting; at marker 01:36:12 into the movie the bomb she uses to destroy the plant is a what seems to be a Nuclear Bomb. Make no mistake about it, it is nuclear because of the target. It becomes a nuclear event once the plant is blown up. To prove this, there is a seal on the left of the bomb on one of the pipes where the device is placed. This pipe clearly shows the international radiation symbol on it.  This symbol represents three pyramids that unite in the center with the ALL-SEEING-EYE, the signature of those who designed this in the first place. The players that might be used for this are just pawns in the game. The culprits patiently wait behind the scenes while the script plays itself out in the theatre of the absurd. Just as Francis Bacon, a.k.a William Shakespeare said in As You Like It, ‘The World is a Stage and all men and women are merely players’.


Let’s rewind to 01:30:00 into the movie, just before the detonation, a bunch of hidden messages in a series of sequences or shots point to a definite mark or hour on the clock when this device is to be detonated. The time is 12:00 midnight or 00:00 hours. The message sequence shows three consecutive shots of three different clocks.

One of the bomb’s countdown clock at 11:59:56, just 4 seconds to detonation. But clocks on bombs do not go upwards to a specific time, do they? They go down. That shows that there is intent to stress the 12:00 hour mark time and time again.



The second is Niobe’s multi-circular clock which resembles the Mayan calendar, which is not Mayan but given to the Mayans by means of Fallen Angelic knowledge as a counter-rotatory technology that not even they understood well. If they would, they would have built much of their civilization around the wheel which they did not necessarily do. But that is another story.

Again, Niobe’s clock is a clear symbol of the Mayan calendar composed of concentric circles or gears spinning in a permutation of dates that culminate the Long Count on 12-21-2012 at 11:11 AM UT. Remember that the detonation time is at 12:00 midnight; the opposite of high noon which is the lowest point and where darkness prevails most, midnight, vis a vis, the middle of the night or darkness, the darkest hour, etc. This gives even more credence to the reference Jesus Christ makes in the Book of Matthew Chapter 20.

Also, the 12 is clearly outlined and made to stand out and is put at the top of clocks, in this case in reference to the year two-thousand and 12! Twelve houses of the Zodiac, the Precession of the Equinoxes, Galactic time and so on.

The third clock that is about to strike twelve (12:00) is punch in clock similar to the one that supernaturally revealed to Jonathan Kleck at a Target store that time is up, that the time to wake up is now, that the End is Near. Whatever it is, it is the Lord who compels me to write this at 02:49 AM. It is He in whom I trust. Bear with me as this is getting even more interesting. (See )

Remember recently that the Doomsday clock was also moved recently by scientists. This clock is a standard used to indicate the proximity of the ‘hour that draws nigh’ and brings to our demise or the End of All Things as we know it via global nuclear war.


At the precise time where Neo inserts the key to open the door that leads them to the place between dimensions, BOOM! The bomb goes off, it looks nuclear in nature, and the Nuclear plant is clearly visible as it is destroyed, better said, pulverized by the blast.

That is when the Keymaker, Morpheus and Neo go into, guess what? “THE PORTAL”, as is stated in the movie. The Portal? As you will see, there is a very deep symbolic ritual with regard to this if you have the time to Take Heed Now to this message as it is related to 2012 and aligns almost perfectly with what is transpiring on this planet as we go into an open Third World War which will be nuclear in nature, at least in part.

As it is stated, “As soon as they open that door, it is all over.” And so it might be unless this is read. I tell you I agree with Trinity when she decides what I decided when I started writing this, “The Hell it is. I will not just stand here and do nothing. I will not stand here and watch them die.”


The Keymaker, a Japanese locksmith who possesses the codes to all the doors says it all as he gives the specs on the terrorist attack against the Matrix System:

“There is a building. Inside this building there is a level where no elevator can go, and no stair can reach. This level is filled with doors. These doors lead to many places; hidden places. But one door is special. One door leads to the source.”

SIDENOTE: Here the Keymaker is talking about The Tree of Life. I have seen this tree while I was in Heaven. It is a sort of Zero-point tunnel inside a torroidal structure that God created. It is the way back Home so-to-speak. Our heart is connected to IT. He who seeks shall find it. All one needs is the key or knowledge to access it.

The Keymaker (a clear reference to Jesus Christ since he holds the Keys to Heaven and to the Bottomless Pit—see Isa 22:22, Judges 3:25, Matt 16:19, Luke 11:52, Rev 1:18, Rev 3:7, Rev 9:1, Rev 20:1) continues saying while he is sitting on the very same chair with lion-head armrests on which Morpheus initiates Neo into KNOWING WHAT THE MATRIX IS and where he takes the famous Red Pill:

“This building is protected by a very secure system. Every alarm triggers THE BOMB.”

A man in the movie then says surprisingly:

“Bomb? Did he say bomb?”

The Keymaker continues:

“But like all systems it has a weakness. The system is based on the rules of a building. One system built on another.”

That’s when Morpheus, sitting on the other identical chair says not like everyone says it but as an initiated one says it; “E+LECT+TRI+CITY”, emphasizing the E as an /ee/ sound.

And here is the clincher when the Keymaker corroborates, “Where one fails, so must the other.” This is a reference to a cascading or domino effect. It could refer to scalar weaponry and how ELF Longitudinal Interferometers work (see Tom Bearden and Tesla-based Seismic Weapons, Longitudinal Interferometers). Could it be that HAARP or some other similar technology will be used in tandem with this event?

Then they mention taking out 27 city blocks. The same man questions again surprisingly, “27 city blocks?”

Wait a minute. Today is 27 of February and wait till you read the end of this report.

The Keymaker then says while the shot changes to Niobe looking at the Power Station:

“There is a Power Station that must be destroyed.”

This Power Station looks similar to Fukushima as it stands by the water. It is not by the ocean but next to a bay, a lake or a river. It could be a Harbor, possibly the one in New York State. It could be a Harbor, possibly the one in New York City.

Here it is! The quote above is a powerful affirmation whereby they gain power on one principle, the law of attraction by subliminally embedding this affirmation upon the collective subconscious of all who watched this movie unbeknown to them that they themselves are being used to give power to this sick and evil plan if it is true. A plan that is in motion and that, albeit that it sounds far-fetched, I had a supernatural confirmation that it is real. I will explain at the end of this statement this very thing.

Then Niobe says, “There must be some kind of fail-safe?”, to which the Keymaker responds, “Yes, there is an emergency system.”

As the camera shot shows two towers and while the camera pans down to where a white van drives through to the basement of the buildings (a clear reference to the 1993 Twin Tower attack), the Keymaker says:

“The core of the building must be accessed, the emergency system must be deactivated.”

This is a very deep comment that I will not go  into at the moment but there are micro, macro as well as multiple levels of references in these movies if one searches for them.  A hint is how we work inside, our own system, our DNA and our Core which is our heart.
This other guy then says:

“What do you need us for? Neo can take them both out easier than we could.”

That is when the Keymaker says it:


You get it? There is NO Time! Literally, this statement means two things, a) that there is no time left for us here on Earth before this event happens or b) that the concept of time itself is nonexistent once one comes to terms with who God truly IS; what Eternity truly IS, an Endless or never-ending Absolute we call Home or Heaven. Amen to that!

Niobe asks the obvious, “Why?” in reference to THERE BEING NO MORE TIME.

The Keymaker keeps on saying, “Once the door is unprotected, the connection will be severed. But another connection must first be made.


Then he is asked how long this would take but here is  yet another numerical clue. The Keymaster goes on to say a number that is very peculiar. One would normally say 60 seconds or 2 minutes or whatever, which is common. But here, he says:


And this here where I say quoting John Malkovich in the Transformers 3 movie yet again, W.T.F. TO THAT!

What are these 314 seconds referring to? Before we go into that, let's hear what is said after by the Key maker when another man says, “That is just over 5 minutes.” W.T.F. to that! again! Why would he specifically say 314 instead of 300 seconds or just say 5 minutes?

Why? Because it is a code that was studied and planned carefully, stealthily by who no one else than the group that goes into such precision and cunningness in embedding their numerical imprints in Hollywood movies; they, The Dark Cabal of this world.

These 314 seconds is definitely a cryptic code that to the occult holds tremendous meaning.

Let’s see what it could be.

It could be a date. March 14th (3-14), 2012. This would be just 2 weeks away. That is why the urgency to publish this special report.

3*14=42 as in 42 months or 3 1/2 years that the Great Tribulation is to last.

Guess when the Great Tribulation is to start? December 21, 2012.

This just came to me! 3.14 is an abbreviation of PI (π).

It could be a latitudidal line: 31.43° N (Ensenada, Mexico) / 116° 34' or...

Jerusalem @ 31° 46' N / 35° 12' E

Or it could represent 3 and 1/4 or 3:15 on the clock.

Whatever it is. The date seems to be the most indicative possibility. However, the Bible, the foremost authority and 100% exact in matters of prophecy has this to say about 314:

Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion: Jeremiah 3.14

This is one of those verses that is very easy to remember because the value of the call to "Turn" coincides with the index, as well as the central idea of Marriage (Gamos = 314). Note also the connection with the idea of "filling" which also is from John 2. This all relates to the Holy Spirit, the Number 3, the Third Day, and Gimel, Gamma, and Gamos.

The connection between Book (Biblos = 314) and the Bible and the Number π = 3.14159265... is very interesting in light of the continued fraction  convergent π ~ 22/7 = 3.142857_ and the structure of the Bible as a Wheel of 22 Spokes and 7 symmetrical canonical divsions (cf. The Canon Wheel Explanation).

Source: Bible

Oddly enough, Author David Flynn had this to say about Biblos and the origin of this word. It comes from the Phoenician port of Biblos. And who were the Phoenicians. Flynn explains:

"Phoenicia was the land of descent of the "Sons of God" described in Genesis 6. According to the history of every ancient culture in the Middle East, Phoenicia was the first place where beings from heaven came to the earth. The union of these beings with the daughters of Adam produced hybrid offspring, Nephilim (literally in Hebrew, the fallen ones). According to the pseudepigraphic book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees and many other ancient texts, the exact point of descent of the Sons of God was Mt. Hermon in Phoenicia. Through the influence of these heavenly beings and their offspring, men became gifted with knowledge surpassing any that had yet existed. But then came the flood...and symbolically the Phoenix perished. The heavenly and supernatural bird, keeper of secrets of the past and future was consumed in the fire of its own making.

In other words, the knowledge given to man from heaven was lost in a global cataclysm. According to Genesis 6, the destruction of earth by the flood was in response to the interaction of the Sons of God with the daughters of Adam."

Flynn clearly proved the connection between Jerusalem, Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Paris, the Wiltshire Crop Circles, Avebury Circle, The Roswell UFO crash and the landing of Fallen Angels (mistaken for aliens)at Mount Hermon as definite factors connected in incredible calculations to Mount Moriah where the Temple Mount is located and 21/12/2012 as the start of the Great Tribulation. Flynn wrote a great article in 2005 titled An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event:  Count down to 2012. This and many others can be read at under the Advanced Truth Section. It is a definite must read if you want to understand the scope and magnituide of this matter.

Isn't it amazing that the word "Bible" (pic, Biblios) means "Book" and it just happens to have gematrical value of 314, which is the first three digits of 100 x π, where π is the circumference of a unit circle, 3.141592.... Pi is well approximated by the ratio 22/7, which is, in fact, the best approximation to pi using integers less than 100. See for other words that sum to 314.

Just like the Mayan Long count we see here another wheel making a reference to 314.

The connection to time, the year 2012 and the fact that 314 is related to π and there even even existing a numerical observance called PI Day which is celebrated on the 14th of March, indicate that the 314 seconds refered to in the Matrix Reloaded movie is in fact MARCH 14TH 2012!


The Keymaker then says another code:

“Only THE ONE can open the door. That is the length and breadth of the window. And only during that window is where the door can be opened."

W.T.F. to that! This is another in-your-face crypto-message by ‘them’. They know why there is a window due to celestial alignments and what-such. This is clear. For them, THE ONE is Lucifer, Satan, The Devil. They need to align the events in order to bring him out or release him and his minions upon this earth.

For us Christians THE ONE is Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). And also The ONE is just that, a 1. So, 314 with the one could be 31° 41' or 315.

What do they mean by a window in time having a length and a breadth unless it was dimensional in nature as in quantum teleportation, time travel or a portal of some sort? Ominous enough is the new Gulf of Aden 2.0 or gigantic 90-mile wide whirlpool that NASA conveniently discovered outside Africa. Is this the door that is being opened? And mind you, this weekend, CERN was also put back online. Could all these be connected?

Oxymoronically-speaking, how coincidental can you get when there are no such coincidences? Very, when we know there is design and purpose behind everything.

Moving on, then Niobe asks The Key maker:

“How do you know all this?”  

And he says, as also I would answer to those who ask me the same question about me alerting the world of this threat at hand:

“I know because I must know. It is my purpose. There is a reason (why) I’m here. Same reason, we’re all here.”

Bingo! So there you go! I am just making an Adjustment in this timeline construct on behalf of The Bureau, if you get my drift, so the quantum entaglment does not allow for this prophetic event to happen.

So, they are having this massive pre-mission conversation while their in The Matrix for and the controllers on the ship say yet another phrase when realizing that they will be destroyed by the fast-approaching sentinel. They say, “How much time do we have?” and the other guys answers, “12 minutes.” Another 12? Here, twelve is the Key into understanding this code. Just look at the coincidences into this and you tell me this is just coincidence.

  1. Matrix Reloaded starts with the typical japanese Kanji character animation and ends in 12.
  2. More than 3 references on clocks that point to midnight as the time of the event.
  3. This is the year 20 and 12.
  4. Time ends on 21:12:12 at 11:11 AM

Threat Assessment and Conclusion:

And here is what I conclude based on my analysis of the information just presented. Also, based on the impression that The Lord, God Almighty, has allowed me to decode, on this very day being the 27th; an embedded and cryptic code does exist in the Matrix Reloaded movie that points to a terrorist event nuclear in nature. I can attest that there very well could be a Nuclear Terrorist Attack being staged for a major US metropolitan city for March 14th, 2012 or around that date. The images and scenes in the movie scene that starts at one hour and thirty seconds suggest Los Angeles as being the target. There is a clear reference to the twin towers, a white van or truck going into the basement of the structure. This could indicate multiple targets such as New York City as well. There is a suggestion that the bomb is already in place by the time the attack occurs, meaning that it was already out into position. The threat refers to a Nuclear power plant that might be destroyed in this attack. It could be San Onofre, CA based on other classified reports I have already submitted to a CIA agent in August 2011. I am willing to share this information with the appropriate authorities when asked to do so.  I ask that at least, this is checked into in hope of preventing any event from transpiring.

Psalm 27-28

As I laid my family to sleep on this night, I prayed to The Lord and my son asked me to read him and my wife from The Holy Bible. I opened it, better said, The Lord allowed me to open it where He wanted me to open it on Psalm 27 and 28. When this happened and as I started reading, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” , I realized that right beside the Bible, that I had just began reading, stood a children’s book based on the very same Psalm 27 that my son likes very much. This cannot be a coincidence! What a confirmation! I whispered the Psalms 27 through 28 as they fell deeply asleep in a peaceful state. The Holy Spirit came down and energized my whole being!

Here is a picture of my night stand and the 3 elements that led to today's amazing revelation from God. The Bible open on Psalm 27 and 28, my son's favorite bedtime book and my PI mug. What are the odds off these glitches within the Matrix?!?!

After I finished, I walked downstairs, sat on the sofa and felt that I should record both Psalms just as I whispered them to my wife and son. After I finished that’s when I started writing this.

You may download these powerful Psalms that I recorded here:

PSALM 27 AND PSALM 28 mp3 downloads.

Stream > PSALM 27

Stream > PSALM 28

Will you pray with us?

I mean, being the 27th of the month and being Psalm 27, you have to agree that this is not a coincidence. Especially, when you are in communion with Our Father in Heaven and listen to his voice. And that 314 is related to TIME, TURN as in TURNING the pages of the HOLY BOOK, The Bible, which is represented by the 314 in Gematria.

Father, May Your Will be done and thank You for guiding me and being with me during this long night and day. Amen! As I finish typing, a massive storm with gail-force winds has been hitting my area and the ELECTRICITY keep going out. Is this another sign? You decide.

"This is it!"- Jonathan Kleck

FINAL UPDATE: The storm died off and the sun shone through the blackened clouds and my son started shouting, "A rainbow! A Rainbow! I see a rainbow! I ran downstairs with videocamera and digital camera in my hands to documents this. This was truly a blessing, lo and behold the Power of The Lord! Of all days of the year, he chose this 27th of February to seal His covenant with me and you if you want by manifesting Himself in not one but as I went outside, a double rainbow started to form which covered the entire sky. Thank you Father for such a precious gift you have given us today. Praise the Lord in All His Glory!


Gen 9:12 And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:
Gen 9:13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.
Gen 9:14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:
Gen 9:15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.
Gen 9:16 And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
Gen 9:17 And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have established between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.

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This investigation was written in dedication and loving memory of David Flyyn, Christian author and researcher who passed away in January 2012.

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